Feed the Joy-Wolf

Science now has proof that doing things that make you happy is good for you, the people around you, and most likely the planet too.

Brain scan research shows that positive emotions change us physically and make us more aware, resilient and creative, and improve our relationships.

So next time you hesitate to do something that secretly makes you happy — skip rocks, take a singing class, make something silly, or pursue a wild-hare idea that’s just too crazy or feels too childish — do it anyway. Jump down that rabbit hole. Fall in love. Take a risk: say YES.

Want to make a Harry Potter wand but don’t have a kid? Who cares? Who knows — you might just find out what your patronus looks like.

The act of creation makes us more creative. Whatever you feed, be it despair or joy, grows stronger.

Feed the joy-wolf!

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2 Responses to Feed the Joy-Wolf

  1. agirlsvoice says:

    I absolutely love this post and its very true happiness and laughter is the key!

  2. yes1and says:

    @agirlsvoice — Glad you enjoyed it! The article that inspired it (linked above) is really fascinating if you’re into the brain-science behind happiness.

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