“YES I said yes I will Yes.”*

This is what happens when you say "yes" to recycling.

“Well, how did I get here?”

           — The Talking Heads

Funny how simply saying “Yes” over and over will lead one down the most interesting, scary, wonderful paths.

Last week, for example, I worked as a production crew member for a documentary film and performed improv comedy in front of a live, paying audience.

When I read that, it sounds like someone else wrote it because that was unthinkable even just a few months ago.

But, no, that was me. The same me that also got really, really excited about finally finding a microfiber cobweb-cleaning attachment for my extendable dust mop handle. ‘Cause I’m cool that way.

While in my happy dust-mop-induced delirium, I also said “yes” to chaperoning  a Halloween party for 18 first-graders. Imagine a roomful of miniature superheroes, princesses, and one mummy who kept losing his wrappings, all hopped up on sugar (the first-graders, not me, though that might have helped).

Note to future self: do not agree to *anything* while high on cleaning products.

After all that excitement, I decided to sew a stuffed chipmunk out of a lonely old knit glove , because I that’s how I roll.

What will you say “YES!” to this week?

*(James Joyce, last line of Ulysses).

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One Response to “YES I said yes I will Yes.”*

  1. You and I are more alike than I realized.

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