“I’m here. Let’s Do This.”– Results of the 30-Day Creativity Challenge

new road

“80% of life is just showing up” – Woody Allen

Back in mid-June, a bunch of my artist-buddies and I pledged to show up every day for 30 days, create something, and post it online (here).

I did it because I was feeling artistically stuck and uninspired, and thought that forcing myself to make something every day might kick-start my creativity. It works for yoga, meditation, and exercise: show up and your body-mind gets the message “I’m here – let’s do this,” so why not art?

Little did I know how powerful a practice this would be. Sure, there were plenty of days that I had no ideas and felt only fear or nothing at all, but I wrote or drew or photographed or created something anyway (except for one day that I was ill and art had to wait).

The result was that over time the ideas came faster, inspiration flickered to life, my energy increased, and I began to look forward to my daily date with my Muses. I like to imagine they enjoyed it as well. It was hard, but we laughed a lot too.

Since then work and stuff and shenanigans got in the way, and I’ve stopped my daily creativity  practice – but I miss it. When I pause the whirlwind long enough to listen, I hear my Muses calling me back to the dance.

Know what? I think it’s time. Excuse me while I go put on my dancing shoes….

Dear Reader – are your Muses are calling *you* to show up today? To dance? Will you say YES?

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