Feeling creatively stuck? Stop “should-ing” on yourself.

It’s time to give your inner artist permission say, “to hell with what anyone else thinks” and dive right into your own brand of crazy. When you let go of the “shoulds” and “supposed to bes”, anything might happen: and that’s terrifying, thrilling, and magical all at once.

This, ladies and gentlemen, “should have been” a straightforward, proper upcycled blue-jean skirt (click to embiggen).

TARDIS - inspired ruffle skirt

TARDIS – inspired ruffle skirt.
I call it “Bohemian Rhapsody in TARDIS Blue”.

When I sat down to sew, however, I felt so hemmed in (sorry) by the need to do things the Right Way that I gave up almost instantly and walked off in a state of creative vapor lock.

Then I asked myself Why? Why does this have to BE anything? And suddenly the dam broke, the silly came out to play, and this TARDIS-inspired, ruffly confection of a thing happened. I don’t know if it’s a cosplay or prairie skirt or what, but it makes me smile.

TARDIS skirt front detail

TARDIS skirt front detail

It’s made from 100% recycled and upcycled materials, including old clothes, curtains, scrap fabric, a lace handkerchief, a sonic, a bow-tie pin, and a dollop of Artron energy (well, maybe not Artron energy).

TARDIS skirt back

TARDIS skirt back

Whatever it is, it isn’t what it was Supposed To Be at all…and isn’t that wonderful?

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