(Fight Procrastination Day), or: The road to hell is paved with lettuce.

wilted lettuceOh Lettuce, you tempter. I have such good intentions for you: crisp salads, savory BLT sandwiches, fresh wraps and bright garnishes. But, alas, there you are, sitting in the fridge withering along with my good intentions.

Worse yet, dear Lettuce, you are a metaphor for procrastination: all my unfinished business, languishing projects, and stressful to-dos buried at the bottom of the pile of paper in the corner of my desk that serves as an inbox.

Usually I procrastinate when I feel overwhelmed, tired, or lost and unsure of where to start, but sometimes I am simply not in the mood — and I just need to grit my teeth and get on with it. David Allen’s Getting Things Done program is the best way I’ve found to overcome procrastination, but even GTD will not rescue me or my lettuce if I don’t make a decision to get off my keester and act.

So this Friday, September 6, I invite you to join me for Fight Procrastination Day. I’m writing about it today so we can plan for it, and because I figure at least a few of you will have put off reading this post until then (see what I did there?).

The most meaningful tip that has ever worked for me to help overcome procrastination is to think long and hard about what is holding me back. Fear? Ignorance? What? Then figure out what the first action on the project is, and do that (credit to David Allen for the idea). Or get some help. Sometimes both. In other words, find a way to eat that lettuce one green bite at a time.

So, dear reader, what are your favorite tips for overcoming procrastination? Do you plan to celebrate Fight Procrastination Day?

I don’t know exactly how I will celebrate … I’ll think about that later.

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One Response to (Fight Procrastination Day), or: The road to hell is paved with lettuce.

  1. fwt says:

    So glad you brought this topic up as I am all too familiar with that road. I definitely plan to join you in the fight. Lettuce and ready to begin today! I say enthusiasm – real or else feigned until sustained – is a great first line of defense.

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