Highwire Art Without a Net: Inktober 2015

le mouton by Julie Coombes

Draw me a sheep.

Inktober is to artists what a cross-country marathon is to runners, and NANOWRIMO is to authors.

It’s highwire art without a net.

Citadel of the Time Lords by Julie Coombes

Citadel of the Time Lords, Gallifrey

It’s one drawing, per day, in ink. No backsies, no erasing — just you and the paper and the pen or brush and the terror and the joy of creation — put out there for the world to see, to love or to hate or to ignore.

Twelfth Doctor by Julie Coombes

the Twelfth Doctor

It’s a chance to build new habits and strengthen our drawing muscles, no matter if we are beginners or seasoned illustrators or somewhere in between.

It’s a chance to make mistakes — and learn to live with them.

Gallifreyan writing by Julie Coombes

Gallifreyan writing

It’s honest and raw and real.

It’s Inktober, it’s here, and I’m doing it.

dw soot sprites by Julie Coombes

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy as Soot Sprites (because why not?)

Join me?

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