Visual Art

When people asked the child-me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I always answered, “Make stuff!” I enjoy making everything from fine art to fan art, digital art, photography, props, and traditional crafts.


“Oxford.” Acrylics, gel transfer printing, and electronically manipulated images, hand-painted and hand-printed on canvas.

Selkie Triptych (cast-concrete tiles using the lost-wax method)

Selkie Tile

Detail of Selkie Tile

Golden Campine Rooster, acrylic on canvas

Steampunk-TARDIS purse features LED lights and glow in the dark embellishments. A dozen more detail photos are hereYep, it’s bigger on the inside. TARDIS controls (actually a separate beaded bag) glow in the dark.TARDIS purse accessories take their design cues from the Tenth Doctor.

Art Nouveau TARDIS box

Magic wand with velevet-lined presentation boxVelvet-lined presentation box for a magic wand

Watercolor on paper

Fairy tale treasure box. The spine slides out to reveal a hidden drawer.

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