What is Art? (new piece: “Remembering Ten”)

What is art? Perhaps more importantly, does the question even matter? This piece explores the boundaries of craft, art, nostalgia, pop culture, and the masculine and feminine realms all at once.

I love it when I can combine a whole bunch of things that inspire me into one piece of artwork, and play around with those questions at the same time. “Remembering Ten” combines several things that make my heart sing: collage, fabric, printing, vintage trims and beads, embroidery, texture…and Doctor Who.

Fans of the Tenth Doctor will spot the references, and hopefully non-fans will simply enjoy the beauty of the piece. Is it art? Is it craft? Maybe it’s a hybrid — and maybe it doesn’t matter what you call it, so long as it makes someone think, or makes them happy –or both.

r10 small

“Remembering Ten” // Mixed media fabric collage by Julie Coombes c. 2016

r10detail1 small

Detail, “Remembering Ten” // Mixed media fabric collage by Julie Coombes c. 2016 

r10detail2 small

Another detail, “Remembering Ten” // Mixed media fabric collage by Julie Coombes c. 2016




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Bunnies in the Garden

Imagine peeking through the tall grass and finding some playful bunnies romping in the garden!

Mixed media on paper: Hand-painted collage papers, overlain with acrylics, colored pencil and watercolors.

bunnies garden small

Bunnies in the Garden / Mixed media on paper by Julie Coombes, 2016

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Celebrating Spring

“Peter lost one of his shoes among the cabbages, and the other shoe amongst the potatoes.” –Beatrix Potter
I’ve got two new pieces of art to share with you this week. The first is a bright glass-plate monoprint that celebrates the joyful spirit of spring. The second is a mixed media collage that honors the feelings of both renewal and loss that this time of year evokes for me. Both pieces were inspired by the time of year, my love of the natural world, and a bit of nostalgia mixed in.
rabbit monoprintwm

The Spirit of Spring / Glass plate monoprint, acrylic on paper, by Julie Coombes, 2016.

rabbit mixed media small

Memories Fade, but Life Renews / Mixed media on paper by Julie Coombes, 2016

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I heard it through the grapevine…

This mixed-media collage was inspired by a friend who’s dad is busy tending his grapevines this spring.

I created it using hand-painted and hand-printed collage papers, acrylics, watercolors, pigment inks, and colored pencils. For the background I used a palette knife and modeling paste, and layered the foreground elements to create depth and texture within the piece.

wm grape small

I heard it through the grapevine: Mixed media collage on paper, by Julie Coombes c.March 2016

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Another in my ongoing series of TARDIS mixed-media paintings inspired by the most wonderful ship in the universe.

Acrylics, ink, hand-carved stamps, colored pencil drawings, and collaged papers on altered book pages.

TARDIS blueswm

TARDIS Blues // Mixed media art painting by Julie Coombes, 2-18-2016


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