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Dreaming of spring

If January is the bleakest month, then maybe a little defiant optimism in the form of a bright, cheerful painting is in order. Enjoy–    

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Of Love and Loss and Futons

Let me tell you about my friend Walter. First — spoilers—Walter (actually the resplendently-named Walter Lee Howard the Fourth) is no longer traipsing around this particular reality, having recently passed on. He left a huge Walter-shaped hole in the universe, … Continue reading

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Never Knowingly Be Serious

Rule #27: Never knowingly be serious – The 11th Doctor Do you ever struggle with the feeling that if your art/work/life isn’t “serious” (whatever that means), it’s not real? If it’s too fun or silly or playful it’s not legitimate … Continue reading

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Lighted TARDIS Purse

Steampunk, meet Timelord. It is considered a civic duty in my hometown to be as weird as possible. In that spirit, I introduce my latest creation: a lighted, glow-in-the dark, portable homage to the Tenth Doctor. All materials (fabrics and … Continue reading

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The Hungry Muse: Embracing Defiant Optimism, Silliness and Joy

My muse (and maybe yours) requires a special diet. I learned the hard way that mine, at least, needs to be fed decidedly non-serious things or it starves. Everyone told me to feed it “healthy food”, and I tried, really … Continue reading

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