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Gallifreyan Orrery

I’ve long been enchanted by orreries (working models of the solar system). They are beautiful pieces of engineering, and just a little bit magical in the way they capture something of the mystery of an endless spinning universe. This orrery is different: it’s … Continue reading

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Say something NICE.

I have recently become completely a little bit obsessed with Missy, the Doctor’s utterly mad and villainous-yet-charming nemesis from seasons Eight and Nine of Doctor Who. Played by British actor Michelle Gomez, Missy takes many of the worst “feminine” tropes in television and completely subverts them. Her … Continue reading

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What is Art? (new piece: “Remembering Ten”)

What is art? Perhaps more importantly, does the question even matter? This piece explores the boundaries of craft, art, nostalgia, pop culture, and the masculine and feminine realms all at once. I love it when I can combine a whole bunch of things that … Continue reading

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Another in my ongoing series of TARDIS mixed-media paintings inspired by the most wonderful ship in the universe. Acrylics, ink, hand-carved stamps, colored pencil drawings, and collaged papers on altered book pages.  

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Highwire Art Without a Net: Inktober 2015

Inktober is to artists what a cross-country marathon is to runners, and NANOWRIMO is to authors. It’s highwire art without a net. It’s one drawing, per day, in ink. No backsies, no erasing — just you and the paper and the pen … Continue reading

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