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Summer Blue

Have you ever walked down a random trail, one you’ve never explored before, and at the end found a letter from the Universe with your name on it? It happens.           

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Lighted TARDIS Purse

Steampunk, meet Timelord. It is considered a civic duty in my hometown to be as weird as possible. In that spirit, I introduce my latest creation: a lighted, glow-in-the dark, portable homage to the Tenth Doctor. All materials (fabrics and … Continue reading

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The Hungry Muse: Embracing Defiant Optimism, Silliness and Joy

My muse (and maybe yours) requires a special diet. I learned the hard way that mine, at least, needs to be fed decidedly non-serious things or it starves. Everyone told me to feed it “healthy food”, and I tried, really … Continue reading

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“YES I said yes I will Yes.”*

“Well, how did I get here?”            — The Talking Heads Funny how simply saying “Yes” over and over will lead one down the most interesting, scary, wonderful paths. Last week, for example, I worked as a production crew member … Continue reading

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Feed the Joy-Wolf

Science now has proof that doing things that make you happy is good for you, the people around you, and most likely the planet too. Brain scan research shows that positive emotions change us physically and make us more aware, … Continue reading

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