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Highwire Art Without a Net: Inktober 2015

Inktober is to artists what a cross-country marathon is to runners, and NANOWRIMO is to authors. It’s highwire art without a net. It’s one drawing, per day, in ink. No backsies, no erasing — just you and the paper and the pen … Continue reading

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(Fight Procrastination Day), or: The road to hell is paved with lettuce.

Oh Lettuce, you tempter. I have such good intentions for you: crisp salads, savory BLT sandwiches, fresh wraps and bright garnishes. But, alas, there you are, sitting in the fridge withering along with my good intentions. Worse yet, dear Lettuce, … Continue reading

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Feeling creatively stuck? Stop “should-ing” on yourself.

It’s time to give your inner artist permission say, “to hell with what anyone else thinks” and dive right into your own brand of crazy. When you let go of the “shoulds” and “supposed to bes”, anything might happen: and that’s … Continue reading

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Beware of Artists

Creators are a dangerous bunch. If we’re any good at what we do, we’ll probably make at least one or two people feel something. Think a new thought. Even have the occasional insight or two. They might even get mad … Continue reading

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Hanging From A Zip Line Over The Abyss

So you’ve begun. You’ve done a tremendously brave thing and taken a chance and jumped off that (metaphorical, unless you’re hang-gliding), cliff. You breathed deeply, closed your eyes, maybe yelled “Geronimo!” and you’re off on your next great adventure/project/bucket-list item. … Continue reading

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