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Another in my ongoing series of TARDIS mixed-media paintings inspired by the most wonderful ship in the universe. Acrylics, ink, hand-carved stamps, colored pencil drawings, and collaged papers on altered book pages.  

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Feeling creatively stuck? Stop “should-ing” on yourself.

It’s time to give your inner artist permission say, “to hell with what anyone else thinks” and dive right into your own brand of crazy. When you let go of the “shoulds” and “supposed to bes”, anything might happen: and that’s … Continue reading

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Lighted TARDIS Purse

Steampunk, meet Timelord. It is considered a civic duty in my hometown to be as weird as possible. In that spirit, I introduce my latest creation: a lighted, glow-in-the dark, portable homage to the Tenth Doctor. All materials (fabrics and … Continue reading

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